April 19, 2010

Well the title most definately describes what this is going to be about.


On Saturday me and Anna went to the races againnnn and it was wonderfully delicious. Hahah just kidding. But it was fun.

So one of my older guy FRIENDS sits in the pits at the races and the pits is like where the pit crews work on the cars that are racing and all thar junk. Well the pits at the race track that I went to are in the middle of the race track. So me and Anna were sitting down and all of sudden we realized that my guy friend was sitting in the pits eight across from us. So we proceeded to wave and look like idiots while he just sat there and shook his head. He didn’t even wave back. Butthole.

Today in gym the other class was playing soccer and all of sudden one of the guys just like collapsed and was like cryingish and then like the gym teacher wheeled him away on a wheel chair. Dramatic. I know.

On Sunday I spent the day at annas house and we went to the park and at the park like there was a really big painting of the united states on the ground and none of the states were named or anything. So I guess someone is supposed to say a state and then everybody is supposed to run there and whoever gets there first wins. But since it was only us we called one of our other friends and started asking them to name stares on speaker phone while we ran and screamed and body slammed eachother trying to get there first. Ahaha it was fun though.
I really should be doing my language arts homework. But it takes forever for my mom to come pock me up from my uncles-long story. I’ll probly end up saying more about the races tomorrow cuz there’s stuff I could say right now but I just typed all that up on my ipodddddd.
So buh bye for now my loves.
Loves=no one.


well, alright then.

April 17, 2010

sooo, tomorrow is saturday.
anyways. me and anna are going to the races.
yay again!

alrighty, well today at school. uhm. nothing really happened once again.

i’m so interesting, i know. thanks.

tomorrow i probly won’t be on here cuz i’m going to anna’s around noonish and then going to church with her and then leaving from church to go to the races. thennn, sleeping over. duh.
hahaha. yay!

sooo last time at the races there were these guys there that anna knows and like they are SUCH man whores. like honestly. the worst i’ve ever seen. and so anyways. anna had a thing with one of them like 2 years ago and now all of a sudden she got all flirty with his friend and blah blah blah.

but she tells me that she doesn’t like him cuz he’s a man whore and all that junk.

but i can’t say that i really believe here.
so i was like “if we see them there, i really don’t wanna talk to them.”
and she’s like “i know. me either.”
and i was all “good, cuz they’re man whores.”

sooo yeah.
then the next day i was like…
me: “what if we see them there?”
her: “i dunno!?”
me: “well we’re not gonna talk to them…right?”
her: “well i dunno…”
*looks at me like she does wanna talk to them, but knows it’s wrong.*

hopefully she got the point.

ahhhh. well i guess we’ll see how it goes.

hopefully they just won’t be there altogether.
or if they are, hopefully she’s not stupid and just ignores them cuz they aren’t worth our time when clearly there are other hot guys just waiting to talk to us.

ha, that was a joke. OR WAS IT!?

welllll, byeeee! (:


April 14, 2010

Alrighty, wellllll. First if all lemme just say that the reason I haven’t been on in a while is cuz I’ve been at my mothers, and she is like OBSESSED with farmville on facebook. Stupid. I know. But anyways,

Sooooo on Sunday my lovely mother did come through and bring me and Anna to the races. And let me just tell you.

Enough said.
Nothing else worth talking about has really happened. Just school and it’s grossnes.

Uhm. I’m sorry my life is so boring.
It should get better over summer!?

Well hopefully this will even post. Cuz I’m on my iPod. Ahhhh, well. I guess we’ll just see.



April 10, 2010

so alrighty.

pretty sure  completley positive that all of my hopefullness about the races i talked about yesterday are completely squished.

stupid parents and their stupid no reason to say no personalities. first of all they are moved till tomorrow cuz of the stupid melting snow. from there it’s just down yeah. i’m almost completley sure that wer not going tomorrow.


so i got some new apps for my ipod yesterday, and while i was moping around and not knowing what else to do cuz i have such an interesting life, i played the new games and yeah. they’re really funnn. which means i basically beat all of them already.

which makes me sad.

well anna’s sleeping over tonight and then wer possibly going to the races tomorrow. which means we aren’t. woopdee doo.

soo yesterday, while i was laying in bed i was thinking about blogging on here, and like what i should write about and all that junk, cuz i always do my best thinking while i’m like falling asleep. and i had all these oober great ideas.

so where are they now?

blahh. oh well. it’s not like anybody is reading this anyways.

i guess th reason i’m writing this right now is that so when i’m old and i miss my child hood, i can look back and see how incrdibly lame i was and reassure myself that i don’t miss it at all.

woo. i am such a good planner for myself in future form.


buhh bye.

breakeven, by the script. i love it :D 

okay, officially gone now!

Soo, this is me.

April 9, 2010

Well, here we go.

i’ve never really thought about blogging before, but i went to the library yesterday and got this book and it’s written like where it’s this girl’s blog on so i decided it sounded fun. so welcome to my overly exciting life. (ha, that was a joke.) i don’t really know anything about blogging, except that the people that do it usually have really interesting things to say, and seem like they really know what they’re doing. well, i don’t.

so this is it.


hopefully i’ll write on here everyday…ish.

so me and my friend anna  always want to go to these stock car races, and our parents have to be really difficult and not let us know if they’ll bring us till last minute. and the first one of the season is tomorrow! ICAN’TWAIT! hopefully we can go though. and hopefully they aren’t postponed, cuz of the stupid snow we got IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL. blah.

weather=messed up for sure.

oh, and my name’s Rachell. by the way.


buhh bye.