Well the title most definately describes what this is going to be about.


On Saturday me and Anna went to the races againnnn and it was wonderfully delicious. Hahah just kidding. But it was fun.

So one of my older guy FRIENDS sits in the pits at the races and the pits is like where the pit crews work on the cars that are racing and all thar junk. Well the pits at the race track that I went to are in the middle of the race track. So me and Anna were sitting down and all of sudden we realized that my guy friend was sitting in the pits eight across from us. So we proceeded to wave and look like idiots while he just sat there and shook his head. He didn’t even wave back. Butthole.

Today in gym the other class was playing soccer and all of sudden one of the guys just like collapsed and was like cryingish and then like the gym teacher wheeled him away on a wheel chair. Dramatic. I know.

On Sunday I spent the day at annas house and we went to the park and at the park like there was a really big painting of the united states on the ground and none of the states were named or anything. So I guess someone is supposed to say a state and then everybody is supposed to run there and whoever gets there first wins. But since it was only us we called one of our other friends and started asking them to name stares on speaker phone while we ran and screamed and body slammed eachother trying to get there first. Ahaha it was fun though.
I really should be doing my language arts homework. But it takes forever for my mom to come pock me up from my uncles-long story. I’ll probly end up saying more about the races tomorrow cuz there’s stuff I could say right now but I just typed all that up on my ipodddddd.
So buh bye for now my loves.
Loves=no one.


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