well, alright then.

sooo, tomorrow is saturday.
anyways. me and anna are going to the races.
yay again!

alrighty, well today at school. uhm. nothing really happened once again.

i’m so interesting, i know. thanks.

tomorrow i probly won’t be on here cuz i’m going to anna’s around noonish and then going to church with her and then leaving from church to go to the races. thennn, sleeping over. duh.
hahaha. yay!

sooo last time at the races there were these guys there that anna knows and like they are SUCH man whores. like honestly. the worst i’ve ever seen. and so anyways. anna had a thing with one of them like 2 years ago and now all of a sudden she got all flirty with his friend and blah blah blah.

but she tells me that she doesn’t like him cuz he’s a man whore and all that junk.

but i can’t say that i really believe here.
so i was like “if we see them there, i really don’t wanna talk to them.”
and she’s like “i know. me either.”
and i was all “good, cuz they’re man whores.”

sooo yeah.
then the next day i was like…
me: “what if we see them there?”
her: “i dunno!?”
me: “well we’re not gonna talk to them…right?”
her: “well i dunno…”
*looks at me like she does wanna talk to them, but knows it’s wrong.*

hopefully she got the point.

ahhhh. well i guess we’ll see how it goes.

hopefully they just won’t be there altogether.
or if they are, hopefully she’s not stupid and just ignores them cuz they aren’t worth our time when clearly there are other hot guys just waiting to talk to us.

ha, that was a joke. OR WAS IT!?

welllll, byeeee! (:


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