so alrighty.

pretty sure  completley positive that all of my hopefullness about the races i talked about yesterday are completely squished.

stupid parents and their stupid no reason to say no personalities. first of all they are moved till tomorrow cuz of the stupid melting snow. from there it’s just down yeah. i’m almost completley sure that wer not going tomorrow.


so i got some new apps for my ipod yesterday, and while i was moping around and not knowing what else to do cuz i have such an interesting life, i played the new games and yeah. they’re really funnn. which means i basically beat all of them already.

which makes me sad.

well anna’s sleeping over tonight and then wer possibly going to the races tomorrow. which means we aren’t. woopdee doo.

soo yesterday, while i was laying in bed i was thinking about blogging on here, and like what i should write about and all that junk, cuz i always do my best thinking while i’m like falling asleep. and i had all these oober great ideas.

so where are they now?

blahh. oh well. it’s not like anybody is reading this anyways.

i guess th reason i’m writing this right now is that so when i’m old and i miss my child hood, i can look back and see how incrdibly lame i was and reassure myself that i don’t miss it at all.

woo. i am such a good planner for myself in future form.


buhh bye.

breakeven, by the script. i love it :D 

okay, officially gone now!


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