Soo, this is me.

Well, here we go.

i’ve never really thought about blogging before, but i went to the library yesterday and got this book and it’s written like where it’s this girl’s blog on so i decided it sounded fun. so welcome to my overly exciting life. (ha, that was a joke.) i don’t really know anything about blogging, except that the people that do it usually have really interesting things to say, and seem like they really know what they’re doing. well, i don’t.

so this is it.


hopefully i’ll write on here everyday…ish.

so me and my friend anna  always want to go to these stock car races, and our parents have to be really difficult and not let us know if they’ll bring us till last minute. and the first one of the season is tomorrow! ICAN’TWAIT! hopefully we can go though. and hopefully they aren’t postponed, cuz of the stupid snow we got IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL. blah.

weather=messed up for sure.

oh, and my name’s Rachell. by the way.


buhh bye.


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